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"Thank you for your thorough work and your ability to explain things to all of us.  We would certainly recommend you to any of our friends."

Kay Kiefner, Pocatello

"Thank you for allowing the boys to shadow the inspection. They were amazed at Tye's knowledge and enjoyed the opportunity."

Linda Harper, Idaho Falls

"In the process of buying a home, we hired Robertson Quality Inspections twice. Tye came out to inspect a house we were in the process of buying. He was incredibly thorough and informative. His attention to detail and explanations saved us from purchasing a home that would have cost us stress, heartache, and thousands upon thousands of dollars. We were so impressed with his services, we decided to go through Robertson Quality Inspections for any of our future inspection needs. I'm happy to say, we found something else, and are days away from closing on our new home. We have peace of mind in this purchase, due to Tye's report. I highly recommend this company for their thoroughness, integrity, and professionalism."

Kim Conklin, Shelley

"I found Tye to be very knowledgeable and thorough in the inspection of my home. His professional approach and knowledge of the marketplace is greatly appreciated.  His thorough inspection discovered some unforeseen items that I can now address.  I will definitely use Tye again and recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified home inspector."

LaVona Borg, Idaho Falls

"Robertson's inspection was timely, professional and provided an in-depth knowledgeable analysis of our house.  A far better assessment than what we expected.  5 star performance!"

James Cooper, Idaho Falls

"My husband and I were extremely impressed with the inspection we received from your company! This is our first home purchase so we weren't sure what to expect. You did a great job and were very thorough and we feel confident that everything was looked over properly. We had the report emailed within hours as well which was really nice! Thanks for doing such a great job!"

Chase & Jamie Wallentine, Pocatello

"Chris was very professional, friendly, and brought things to my attention that previous home inspectors would have never checked. Super impressed, highly recommended!"

Carly T, Idaho Falls

"Chris is a very knowledgeable home inspector that is thorough down to the last detail. Chris has performed numerous home inspections for us over the last decade, and we'll be sure to call him on the next!"

Alejandra Taylor, Idaho Falls

"I could not be happier with our choice in home inspectors. Chris spent a tremendous amount of time walking through our new home with us and helped identify things that I had no chance of seeing. His experience and attention to detail ensured that we knew exactly what we were getting into. He took the time to educate me about every aspect of the home and made sure to identify any problem areas. The extensive report he provided is invaluable and I use it constantly as a resource today. I will definitely use Chris again and recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector."

John Seal, Idaho Falls

"I've been a Realtor for 15 years and have learned that Chris is by far the best Inspector in SE Idaho. I go to Chris every time I need an inspection, easily hundreds! His painstaking attention to detail has helped me and my clients save lots of time and tens of thousands of dollars. Chris recently detected a potential moisture problem in the entry area of a "newer home". After investigation by a contractor, we found a roof problem had contributed to moisture leaking behind the stucco siding resulting in the need to replace most of the front of the house down to the insulation. This experience cost nearly $30,000 to remedy. The buyers were so grateful to Chris for his service. As long as I'm in the business, I'll look to Chris for all my inspection service needs!!!"

Rick Johnson, Idaho Falls

"We have had Chris inspect several homes for us in Jefferson County. Our first home he found out there was a recall on the cadet electric heaters. The company shipped out new electric heaters and had them installed at no charge!! Another home he found a leaking problem on the front of the house. After a restoration company came and inspected the problem they recommended a face-lift on the front of our home. The problem was taken care of, the home looks fantastic and we don't have to worry about future problems when it rains or snows. Thanks again Chris for your thorough inspections which has saved us thousands of dollars!!"

Jim Buchanan, Jefferson County

"Chris did a home inspection on our new house about a month ago. He did such a great job, he found things and gave us helpful ideas on how to fix the problem, and he had great recommendation. Thanks to Chris our home is everything we wished it would be. His knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated. We would recommend Chris to any one looking for a home inspector."

Whitney Miller, Idaho Falls

"I cannot emphasize enough how much customer service means to me. From my initial conversation with Tina in the office, to walking through the inspection with Tye, their customer service is unmatched by a lot of inspection companies I've dealt with. Tye was awesome and had patience with me while shadowing him through the inspection and asking questions. He was very thorough and was all around a pleasure to work with through this process. Thanks so much to the whole team at Robertson Quality Inspections!!"

Taylor Pratt, Blackfoot

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